Man’s Best Friend Meets the New Addition- Introducing Your Fur-baby to Family

Man’s Best Friend Meets the New Addition- Introducing Your Fur-baby to Family

Dogs and babies are most adorable together. You watch videos and hear friends talk about how their children are in love with the new dog. Whether you’re new parents introducing your old furry friends to your new baby, or you would like to adopt a pup into your family, you’ll want to be informed of a few important steps to take beforehand. Below, is a helpful list of methods that ease the transition when bringing your loved ones together for the first time.

New Baby

As you bring baby home to experience his or her new life, your dog will experience the same. If your dog hasn’t had the chance to experience children on a daily basis, she may not respond as adaptive as you‘d like at first. New babies bring an overwhelming amount of change, and your pup may see less of you in the beginning. If you haven’t brought baby homey yet, introduce the dog to the new room or area in which with become baby’s new play area. Encourage your pup to sit next to your belly, baby’s clothing, the crib, and that she can still be involved. Rub baby lotion on your hands or let her sniff the baby wipe container so she has a positive connection with baby. If you already brought baby home, this is the perfect time to introduce them. Invite her to feedings to sit next to you, lay with you on the bed as your both sleep, and play time with both baby and your pup is especially important. Playtime allows baby and pup to interact together in a non-confined area.

No Hissy-Fits Allowed

When you bring home your pup to meet your other fur-members, it’s best to take both dogs on a long walk so they get acquainted with each other in an area where your first dog will not feel threatened or territorial. Keep them separate when it’s time to take them for car rides. Bring them to the park so they can run around together. For the first few weeks, you’ll also want to feed them separately. Cats are quite different when you bring home a new dog. You should slow introduce your new pup to the feisty feline, keeping them separate while you’re away and not allowing the dog to chase the cat.

Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Adopting an old dog can be tricky, especially if he came from an unfortunate home. You may have a difficult time teaching Fido to rollover, but when it comes to loving him into your family, he will be more receptive that you think. Children tend to give hugs and want to cuddle with every dog they see, not realizing that the dog may not be receptive or understand what’s going on. This is important to teach the child to be gentle for a while until you find out what your new dog will accept in terms of affection. Encourage to give the new dog some space to adapt to his new surroundings. The children should strongly adhere to this rule so that the dog can feel at ease and open up a bit.

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