Daycare for your Puppy: What you need to know.

Daycare for your Puppy: What you need to know.

A puppy’s first day of doggy day care is always special and a little nerving. Is your puppy ready for their first day without you for the long than usual work day? Much like parents’ first day with their child when they send them off to school, your concerns are much the same; will they respond well to the adults in charge? Will they get scared because you’re not around? These are all normal fears for your puppy but as long as you make preparation time, your pup should adjust quite easily to their new surroundings.

All daycare’s are not equal

Puppy daycare is a lot different than traditional doggy daycare. They need special attention during the most critical time of their development and the only way to achieve this without interruption from other full grown dogs is to focus on them separately. You cannot just drop off your pup at any daycare because of the care and time your puppy needs differs from adult dogs.

Emergency Check List

Just like any parent that enrolls their children in their first day of school, you want to be secure should an emergency take place and you weren’t around. Puppies have a higher chance of getting into mischief because there are still learning the ropes and getting the hang of their surroundings. Make sure you have all of the emergency details, contacts and vet numbers on-hand for your daycare. Should you not be available or miss the phone call, give them an alternate number (friend or a coworker that is in your office with you that can relay the message).

Tummy Aches

Yes, even your puppy has stomach aches that you may not be able to notice right away. These generally come from feeding your pup right before they arrive at daycare. They immediately start running around the yard and get sick very quickly if fed late in the morning. To avoid tummy troubles, get up earlier to feed him. This gives the food enough time to digest before he gets wild and crazy with his new pals.

Time for Assessments

If you think that you’re going to just drop off your pup and leave, think again. You should expect to get there early to fill out forms and answer questions just like you would with any child. You should be prepared with documents and questions and call the office prior to the start date to get a rundown of what you will need to have to allow the process to run efficiently.

Snacks and Treats

Long days make for a very hungry and growing pup so be prepared beforehand. If you know that they will be spending the majority of the day at daycare, request a 20 minute timeout period for food and snacks periodically throughout the day. It is up to you to schedule this time with you daycare workers. Only you know your pup and the eating schedule they are on so be firm with instruction should it be a longer than usually day.

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