Happy Trails! Traveling With Your Dog

Happy Trails! Traveling With Your Dog

It’s time for that family vacation and what’s better than bringing your furry best-friend along for the enjoyment? Before you pack the car with his favorite toy, there are a few important elements to factor in. What if you forget his medication or prescription for refills? Have you located emergency vet care? Are you going to be in a place that favors dogs? Traveling with your pup can be as exciting as intended but you must be prepared in advance. Here are some points to consider when road tripping with your dog.


Pre-trip Preparation

First and foremost, your pet needs an examination before you head out door. Schedule an appointment with your vet a week prior to departure. This ensures that his health is in a good state or informs you if you need him to get a vaccine or two. Always be sure to have an up-to-date vaccine and health document ready. Your hotel should be pet-friendly but also accommodate the needs of your furry friend.

If your dog has never been on a long ride away from home for a significant time, you should get your pet acclimated no less than a month in advance. Take him on frequent car rides; maybe extend your trip to the store. See how he takes to the longer than usually trip. Get him used to the carrier and leashes because they might want to explore the new territory and may be lead to wander off. Place the food dish in the carrier and confine him for a bit to get him adjusted to seclusion. You should have a harness and seatbelt clip for your dog as well. A window covering is a beneficial accessory for filtering excessive light.

Vet Records and Identification

Even if you’re going to vacation an hour away, take your pet’s vet records and ID with you. These records inform the hospital of any allergy’s, medications, and if there are any past surgeries. Be sure he is wearing his ID collar at all times and that you have a photo or two of him on hand should he wander too far from you.

Know the Difference between Dog Friendly and Dog Allowed

Yes, there is a distinct difference between the two. Dog friendly means that your pet can peruse the grounds of the state park or beach, but they aren’t allowed on biking or hiking trails. Dog-allowance gives you and your pet uninhibited reign to frolic and play as you see fit.

When you decide not bring him

Perhaps you’ve had him examined and your vet suggests boarding him for health reasons or your vacation is going to take longer because of work-related issues. This can be a tough last minute decision to make, but for the well-being of your dog, is a necessary one. It doesn’t have to be difficult because with the right knowledge and help, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. When you’re stuck with this last minute blunder, ask specific questions to ensure the facility is right for your dog. Visit the facility in advance to get a feel of the surroundings. The staff should be qualified to care for animals as well as assist your needs. A boarding facility should never smell dirty and should always remain free of odors and parasites. Lastly, a genuine boarding facility will understand your concerns and expect frequent check-in calls.

Maybe you’re looking for the right boarding facility to ease your worries when leaving your pet behind. Inn of the Dog provides extensive care in a relaxed and friendly environment. Your pet is in great hands with our certified trained staff who handle all of the needs of your furry friend.

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