Myths about Sheltered Dogs

Myths about Sheltered Dogs

Most dog lovers have several reasons to adopt a dog from a shelter, and they can clearly understand the perks of adopting from a shelter. We know that pet over-population is a big problem in the world these days, but there are very few of us who walk out and adopt a dog from a shelter – instead of doing this many go and buy a puppy from a pet shop. Maybe this because of the myths embedded inside our minds. Adoption can turn out to be a good idea for you in certain situations, and with this article we hope you’ll get a fresh perspective on adopting a dog from a shelter. There are so many myths related to animal adoption from shelters which need to be torn down, because every animal deserves a nice home. A few organizations play a vital role in society by helping these dogs to find a better home for them while also fighting against all odds. Maybe this article can help you to adopt a dog from a shelter and make you feel proud one day that you’ve successfully rescued your life-time best friend. Here are a few myths that many people have believed for too long:

  1. They’re at a shelter because they are ‘Bad’

There can be many reasons why our sweet pawed friends end up in a shelter. Obviously they never end up there because they are bad. Many of them come from owners who love them a great deal, but due to bad economic conditions and other health related issues they drop them off at a shelter. Dogs like these wait for new parents to adopt them and take them home.

  1. Shelter Staff Push People to Take the Dogs

The other day when we saw a person saying this it disturbed us a lot as this not the fact, people from the shelter staff always examine the people who come to adopt a pet, as they know that giving a dog to someone who can’t handle it can lead to a major problem. Most of the time people abandon the dog or end up bringing them back to the shelter. Thus, shelter staff members tend to make sure to give the dog to someone who is responsible and loving.

  1. Adoption is Expensive

Adopting a dog from the shelter can be a bit costly when compared with free. However, the value of the dog which you have adopted from a pet shelter is 100 times better than the one you’ll be getting free because when a dog ends up in a shelter, the staff help them with their behavior and train them well which leads them to behave well with potential future families of humans. The dogs who come from the adoption houses are better because they also tend to have all their shots already taken care of. The small amount of money which you give to the adoption shelters are usually passed on to the Vets.

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