5 Common Causes for Bad Breath in Dogs

5 Common Causes for Bad Breath in Dogs

Hygiene in dogs is just as important as good hygiene in humans. Keeping the mouth clean is an important element in doggy hygiene. So when a general teeth cleaning isn’t keeping the odor away, you have to wonder if something else is going on. More than likely, you’re facing a health issue of some kind and it needs to be addressed right away. Perhaps your dog is sick and there aren’t any visible signs. Whether it’s something as common as Periodontal Disease or something else, these 5 common causes will give you insight as to what’s causing the foul smell and how its treatable.

Kidney Disease

Dogs eat various different odd things. Poop and pee are no objection either. If your dog’s breath carries a urine odor, this could mean he or she is drinking their own urine and may have a kidney problem. Kidney problems can be very serious if not caught right away. You should alarm your veterinarian right away so you can take proper steps for healing.

Liver Disease

Liver disease is also an ailment that causes bad breath in dogs and it’s a silent killer if not spotted right away. If you notice a yellow hue to your dog’s gums, a loss of appetite, and vomiting as well, this could be a sign of liver disease. Liver disease can also be a sign of something more serious so it’s best to get this checked as soon you sense something’s wrong.

Periodontal Disease

Again, Periodontal Disease is a very common – and overlooked – symptom of foul breath in dogs. Much like humans, dogs are susceptible to plaque and tartar build-up and this means just more than the once or twice a day teeth brushing. Bacteria develops quickly if your dog doesn’t normally chew on dental treats or toys or doesn’t have a general teeth cleaning. Bacteria can lead to bleeding and infected gums which leads to tissue destruction and cavities. Prevention is quite simple if it’s caught right away; however, don’t wait for a dog expert or a doggy daycare in Stuart to tell you when it’s time to take action.

Dietary Habits

We don’t always know why dogs do what they do, especially puppies. We almost expect them to have a gross habit or two every now and then. After some time your dog should develop healthy dietary habits and have a relatively normal sleep/eating pattern. But in the case for foul smelling breath in dogs, sometimes it’s their dietary routines and habits that affect their system. If you notice your dog getting into the garbage or eating the poop of other dogs, their dietary habits could be causing this smell.


You may not be as concerned with your dog’s health if he or she has sweet or fruity smelling breath, however, this could be a sign of diabetes and needs attention right away. It is a treatable condition when recognized right away. If you’re absent for longer periods of time during the day and a reliable dog boarding in Stuart is responsible for your pet, let them know your concerns as well. They are trained and well-aware of dog habits and problems and can sense when something is wrong.

These are all scary reasons behind foul smelling breath in dogs, but all of them can be carefully treated with proper care. And when you have to be away from your furry friend for any length of time under these conditions, it’s important to find reliable dog boarding facilities in Stuart who take excellent care of your friend. Call our experts at Inn of the Dog for stress-free boarding kennels in Stuart and trust us to be your eyes and ears!

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