5 Socialization Techniques to Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

5 Socialization Techniques to Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

Dogs can be easily stressed out by the simple act of walking to the park. A casual, relaxing walk can become a dangerous encounter. Aggression is the most common yet serious issue in dogs. And if you have to leave for a business trip or vacation and are unable to take him with you, it could be very difficult to find boarding. Socialization techniques can not only improve the way your dog reacts in circumstances, it can even ease the stress of leaving him at your local dog boarding in Stuart. Let’s take at look at 5 techniques that you can start implementing today.

Learning at Their Own Pace

Cesar Millan really is the dog whisperer when it comes to loving, teaching and understanding how to communicate to a dog. Among his many tutorials and insightful guidance, we can learn to better communicate with our dogs, too. To understand that each dog learns at his or her own pace is the first step to healing behavior issues. Perhaps you’ll want to study their breed. If you’ve adopted your dog and don’t have too much information about them, call the facility or person from whom you’ve adopted.

Growing Classes

These classes take aggressive dogs in a fenced in area, blindfolded, and slowly introduce to other dogs they feel threatened over. After one week the blindfold is removed, continuing to monitor the dogs behavior.

Changing Your Behavior around Your Pup

To get your dog to do what you want and behave appropriately, it’s vital to understand their learning habits. Alter the way you approach their behavior. Yelling, pointing, and jerking their leash will only fuel their aggression towards the object. Just give a quick and firm ‘no’ and continue to walk or deter him from the object.

Introduce your Dog to Other People

Dogs have a way of sending signals of discomfort through body language, especially around other people they are unaccustomed to. Maybe his last owner experience was unpleasant and anyone other than yourself is a threat. Invite over friends that you trust and introduce them to your dog. When you notice your dog’s defense mechanism rise, give him a treat. You can have your friend come closer to give the next treat. This slow introduction and treat deterrent is a way of breaking your dog of the habit of sensing that people are a threat.

Introduce Household Activities

Some dogs bark at the vacuum. Some run frantically and hide. This is an issue that will carry on if you have to board him at an overnight day care in Stuart. He will react the same way at a daycare as he does at home. Break him of this habit by slowly introducing him to everyday appliances such as the washing machine and dryer, hair dryer, mop, and whatever you use frequently. When you notice the dog start to get triggered by an object, give him a treat to deter his thoughts from being easily angered or threatened.

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