Keep These 4 Foods Away from Your Dog

Keep These 4 Foods Away from Your Dog

Over the years, you’ve seen dog commercials inform you of what’s best for your dog to eat. The nutrition boundaries have fluctuated and what was OK in the 1950’s is looked down upon now. The same boundaries have now been studied for certain types of foods for our dog. Other than the obvious chocolate, there are 4 no-no foods that shouldn’t be given to your dog.


Pizza is a popular food in America. And it’s tempting to give a piece of the crust to your dog when you’re sitting and watching the game. Pizza dough has yeast and when given to dogs, causes bloating and discomfort because of the rising of the yeast. This causes the stomach to twist and turn and can become life threatening to your dog. Any kind of dough should not be given to your dog.

Raw Meat/Eggs

You might recall your grandpa feeding raw meat to his dog when you were a child. But as the years past, studies have shown an influx of sick dogs from salmonella poisoning. Raw meat carries a bacteria called E. Coli and, much like humans, it is very hazardous to the health of your dog. Eggs are another food with similar attributes, which contains an enzyme called avidin. This enzyme is responsible for the decrease in vitamin B absorption which leads to coat and skin problems.


Nuts of all kinds, especially macadamia, have high amounts of oils and fats which cause severe depression, weakness, tremors, vomiting, and digestive issues. Severe cases have been said to cause pancreatitis and hyperthermia.


Among these four toxic foods to never to feed your dog, avocados take the lead. This rich food has an abundance of healthful qualities for humans. But this particular food is actually dangerous to many animals. Birds, horses, sheep, and goats experience swollen head and neck along with cardiovascular problems.

The Bottom Line

Before you share your snack with your dog, consider these 4 no-no foods and go with a healthier alternative. Apple slices, peanut butter, lean (cooked) meats, and even sweet potatoes are an excellent snack choice. Hearty veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, and even celery are excellent and provide the extra benefit of cleaning their teeth.

These are 4 delicious foods you don’t have to feel bad about saying no to when the begging begins. Keep your dog healthy, happy, and strong by avoiding these toxic foods. And when you need expert dog boarding services, Inn of the Dog can offer flexible services. We take great care of your pup while you’re away, caring for him as if he was our own.


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