5 Items to Bring With You When Boarding Your Dog

5 Items to Bring With You When Boarding Your Dog

It isn’t an easy transition to board your dog while you’re away. As much as we feel that slight tug at our heartstrings, dogs can experience separation anxiety, also. And since boarding can accompany some stress, you’ll need to be prepared beforehand. Reduce your pet’s stress levels – and yours – by having these 5 essentials with your pup each time you board.

Extra Food

Always pack a little more than you intend to bring. Life happens and you never know what delays will prevent you from being on time to retrieve your pet. Some dog boarding facilities in Stuart offer their own food but sometimes the stress of boarding could deter your pup from eating. Keeping extra food and treats will make for a satisfied pup should you arrive late.

Something Familiar

When a child goes to a sleepover or on vacation from home, they tend to bring something familiar with them. The same goes for your pup. You can bring a stuffed animal, their favorite chew toy, blanket, or one of your articles of clothing.

ID and Emergency Information

Much like you would for doggy daycare, ID and personal info is a must when finding local dog boarding in Stuart, Florida. Boarding facilities need to know health history, medications and special dietary restrictions for while you’re away. Make a list all of veterinarian info, emergency contact numbers of friends or relatives nearby, and up-to-date personal info.

Vaccine Information

Some vaccines are required at least two weeks prior to boarding to reduce the risk of kennel cough, which is just another word for ‘the common cold’. Be sure to get any vaccinations that are due and provide the boarding facility with a current sheet from their veterinarian.

Stay Calm!

Finally, have a calm demeanor when you bring your dog to be boarded. Don’t show signs of sadness or too much excitement. Don’t make a huge fuss when you leave. It’s never an easy situation for dog owners. If you feel confident that your dog is in good hands, you should want to express a gentle and soothing appearance upon departure. This ensures your dog that everything is OK and normal.

By bringing these 5 things with you while boarding your pup, you can rest assured they’ll sleep better. Let an expert boarding facility in Stuart help your pup transition while you’re away. Inn of the Dog specialize in doggy daycare and luxury boarding at our happy and hygienic boarding facility. Contact us today to see for yourself!

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