New Puppy Parent? Don’t Do These 3 Things!

New Puppy Parent? Don’t Do These 3 Things!

Congratulations on your puppy! There’s nothing like having a puppy around the house. You’ll love the constant cuddle time, playful and joyous puppy sounds, and their funny personality as it develops. While puppies do need structure and discipline, there a few habits that we should break when raising a puppy.


Some people believe that hitting is the best way to get the attention of a puppie or animal. But spanking has been proven to bring more fear to your dog than you think. While you think that the dog in cowering out of remorse for biting your new shoes that you forgot to put away, you’re actually teaching them to fear you which ultimately breaks their trust in you. The best approach is take positive reinforcement classes with your dog. Ask your veterinarian or local doggy daycare in Stuart for a reputable trainer nearby.

Scrapping Food

People food of any kind should not be given to your dog, no matter how long they beg with those wide-eyed baby brown eyes. Feeding table scraps to your puppy can eventually develop into habits that are difficult to break later on. When company comes to visit, for example, they will most likely not be in favor of the begging dog. Not mention that most people food isn’t healthy for their digestion and can cause harm later on, as well.

Being Alone

Maybe your work life takes up most of your day. And if you cannot bring him or her to the office, chances are that they are home alone all day long. But they shouldn’t be allowed free-reign of your home, either. Allowing them to have full access to your home gives them a license to do what they please, even if it means finding your favorite shoes as their new chew toy. This kind of treatment isn’t good for your pup and if you don’t have a pet sitter around that you trust, it’s time to look for a doggy daycare in Stuart. Doggy daycares are an excellent environment for dogs, especially puppies. They are all around licensed and trained professionals who care about your dog as much as you do and are willing to give your pet the proper treatment while you work. It takes away that worry that your dog is alone all day or that they’ve gotten into something they shouldn’t have. Eliminate the hassle and find a reputable doggy daycare in Stuart that you can trust.

Puppies are fun to have around. And you can raise a healthy, happy pup to a full-grown dog if you follow these 3 simple don’ts. Need help crating your dog? Perhaps you’re too busy to give the pup proper training. Inn of the Dog boarding and daycare has you covered. Our skilled and trained professionals work with every breed so we understand their habits while giving them the utmost care while you’re away. There’s no better service you can give your pup while you’re at work, so let us help! Contact us today for more information!

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