Dog Kennels vs. Dog Boarding: What Makes Them So Different?

Dog Kennels vs. Dog Boarding: What Makes Them So Different?

To pet owners, their dogs are like family members. Dog owners want the very best for their pets, especially when they can’t be there to personally look after them. But how do you decide what type of overnight facility is best for you and your pet? While the terms kennels and boarding are used interchangeably there are fundamental differences between the two.

Dogs Running at Dog Boarding Facility in Stuart, Florida

Dog Kennels

The main difference between dog kennels and dog boarding facilities is how they are arranged. Dog kennels are primarily meant for particular purposes and a short time frame. Kennels usually run under a drop-off pick-up model, as kennels are small and only meant to keep pets for at most a few days. Kennels are commonly used in smaller spaces such as a groomer or veterinarian’s office. A groomer will keep a pet in a kennel for a few hours until you come to pick them up, while a vet might need to keep your dog overnight. Another common place you may have seen kennels are a pet store; many pet stores keep their dogs in kennels until adopted.

The size of kennels run specific to a dog’s size, but are meant as a safe place to temporarily keep your pet. Due to the kennel’s small size they are only meant for sleeping or down time, which is why it’s not a healthy living environment for a pet. However, not all kennel facilities keep dogs confined to a kennel for the entire duration of their stay. Many indoor dog kennels are beginning to offer a more complete home-simulated experience for pets, but research is key when selecting an overnight facility in Stuart for your fur-babies.

Dog Boarding

While dog boarding provides the same over-night services as a kennel, the execution and design of your pet’s stay is different. Most dog boarding services will treat your dog as their own. Rather than just holding the dog in a kennel for an allotted amount of time, boarding services provide a more complete package aimed to mimic the dog’s home life.

Dogs are intuitive creatures and form very strong bonds with their owners. Dog owners have, at one time or another, been subject to their pet’s ‘don’t leave me’ puppy-dog eyes. Boarding your dog will ensure your pet will be given regular walks, be able to socialize with other dogs and under constant supervision. Many dog boarding services also offer doggie daycare options, adding yet another activity to your dog’s daily itinerary. The peace of mind knowing your dog is well taken care of when you can’t bring him or her along should not be underestimated.  

Just like kennels, not all boarding services are created equal. It’s important to perform your do-diligence to make sure your pet gets the treatment he or she deserves. For example, you may want to look into indoor dog kennels or boarding facilities if you live in extremely humid areas, like Stuart, Florida. Equally, you may want to pamper your pooch with a luxury boarding service, especially if your dog needs extra care due to health or age factors. It is important to remember, kennels are mostly intended for holding pets, while dog boarding facilities are geared towards caring for them.

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