The Benefits of Choosing the Right Dog Daycare

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Dog Daycare

Pet owners want the very best for their pets, especially if they can’t take them along on everyday errands. Sending your pups to the best doggie daycare ensures they get to play and socialize in a safe setting until you’re ready to pick them up. A full-service dog daycare is similar to a dog hotel in both comfort and care, and who doesn’t want to pamper their pets a little?

Dog daycare is essentially a babysitting service for your dog. Some dog daycare services, however, provide a more complete care package than others. It’s important to note that a doggie daycare is not the same as a kennel. While you might think a kennel and a daycare provide the same services for your pets, you would be mistaken. Kennels are meant for short holding periods, while doggie daycares provide a more complete and attentive experience. While some may argue a dog sitter is better, there are many benefits to placing your dog with a reputable dog daycare service.

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Dog daycare benefits

1.) Under a watchful eye

You wouldn’t want to send your pets to a daycare that doesn’t properly watch over them, just as you wouldn’t leave them home alone for days on end. Different daycares offer different levels of service, so it’s important to choose an establishment that has your pets under constant supervision. Constant supervision does not mean putting your dog in a crate for the day, but rather a day full of group games, one-on-one playtime and walks every few hours. Many daycares have webcams set up around the facility so you can check on how much fun your furry friends are having throughout the day!

2.) All day exercise

Unless you have an in-home nanny cam, you are never really sure how long or often a pet sitter is walking your dog. A significant benefit of choosing the right doggie daycare for your pet is regular walks and exercise. Reputable dog daycares pride themselves on providing quality care, which usually includes a detailed itinerary of your dog’s daily daycare schedule.

3.) Safe space to play

Teaching your dog the proper way to play and interact with others is imperative to their socialization skills. Doggie daycare offers a supervised and safe environment for your dog to perfect these social skills. Enrolling your pup in the right dog daycare service allows your pet to learn from reliable and certified caregivers while also being able to play with other dogs in a controlled atmosphere. In order to ensure playtime stays fun, most daycares divide dogs into playgroups based on age and size. Higher-end dog daycares have even introduced a customizable playtime option to help accommodate pets with specific needs.  

Not all daycares are created equal

When is comes to doggie daycares, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true. Research is key when selecting the right dog daycare facility for your fur-babies. For example, if your dog needs extra or more specialized care due to health or age factors, you may want to pamper your pooch with this luxury dog hotel in Stuart, Florida rather than a standard daycare.

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