How to Determine if Your Dog Boarding Facility is Actually “Luxury”

Luxury Dog Boarding in Stuart, Florida

How to Determine if Your Dog Boarding Facility is Actually “Luxury”

While you might think all dog boarding facilities are created equal, you would be wrong. There are many different levels of service and care provided to your dog depending on the facility you choose. While you could choose to send your dog to a lonely kennel, why would you when there are better options available? Dog owners want the very best for their pets, and the very best happens to be luxury dog boarding.

Luxury Dog Boarding in Stuart, Florida

A checklist for finding luxury dog boarding in Stuart, FL

Constant supervision

A luxury dog boarding service will keep your pet under constant supervision through the eyes of their staff as well as with nanny cameras. A luxury service should provide you the ability to log in to the security cameras and check on your pup whenever you like. Having the option to see your pup any time of the day not only ensure the dog boarding staff is constantly giving excellent service but also gives you peace of mind.

On-call vet

Kennels and lower end dog boarding facilities will usually employ a vet but only during certain hours of the day. That means if something happens and your dog needs a vet during off-hours they will go to the nearest animal hospital instead of staying where they are. Luxury dog boarding facilities usually have an on-call vet that can administer aid no matter the time of day or night. This is especially important because before you drop your dog off you will get to go over any medical information with the vet. If something happens it is much better to have a vet who knows your dog’s medical history treat him or her, than someone completely new. With a luxury dog boarding facility you are paying for the top quality care for your pet, and that includes medical care.

Playtime options

Luxury dog boarding typically gives owners the option for customizable playtime options, while lower rate boarding facilities usually only offer group play. If your dog has special needs or maybe just needs a little extra attention, you can request 1-on-1 playtime for your fur baby. Luxury boarding services also separate the pups staying with them based on age and size to ensure every dog’s safety. This means you don’t need to worry about your puppy being bulldozed by a larger dog during group play.

Rooms instead of crates

A main reason people choose to place their furry friends in a luxury dog boarding service is because they offer more space for your pet. Instead of sticking your dog in a kennel or crate when it’s time to go to bed, luxury services have actual hotel rooms for your dog. While you can bring your own bed and food, luxury dog boarding facilities provide a healthy and all-natural food option as well as plush beds in each individual room.

Bottom Line

Think of a luxury dog boarding service as more of a doggie hotel than a typical doggie daycare. Now when you go on vacation and have to drop your dog at a boarding facility, you can rest easy knowing your pooch is on vacation as well!

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