How To Prepare Your Dog For Your Next Vacation

How To Prepare Your Dog For Your Next Vacation

Are you a dog owner? If you are, you understand that your dog is a family member. And when you go on vacation, it can feel like you’re leaving a family member behind. Not only is it hard on you, it’s hard on your dog too. That’s why it’s important to prepare your dog in advance for your vacation and make sure he or she is as comfortable as possible before your departure. Let’s take a look at how to properly prepare your dog for your next vacation. 

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Where will your dog stay?

When choosing where your dog will stay, you have several options. You can either hire a dog sitter, drop him or her off at a friend’s house, or bring your pup to an indoor dog kennel. Whichever option you choose, make sure it’s someone you can trust. This means ensuring that your friend, dog sitter or indoor dog kennel personnel are reliable, responsible and loving. After choosing a trustworthy place to leave your dog, be sure to inform them about any important information like your dog’s behaviors, routines, and health. When you’re deciding between these options, keep in mind that your dog needs socialization with not just humans, so make sure there are other pups wherever he or she will be. 

Meet the caretaker before you leave

It is always recommended to take your dog with you to meet its caretaker before you leave. By visiting the dog sitter or staff at the indoor dog kennel, you both will have a sense of comfort. You’ll know exactly where your dog will be and how he or she will be treated and your dog will be more familiar with the place when he or she is actually being dropped off. 

Make sure the bed stays with your dog

When you’re dropping your dog off at the sitter or indoor dog kennel, make sure you bring his or her bed. Your dog’s bed is his or her source of comfort and relief, so having that in an unfamiliar space will reduce anxiety. The bed also carries the smell of your home, so that will help your dog feel more comfortable. 

Make sure your dog has his or her favorite toy

Just like their bed is important to bring, your dog’s favorite toys are also important. In general, anything that reminds your dog of home and happiness is a good idea to bring to the indoor dog kennel. Whereas your pup will have a great time with the caretakers and other dogs, the first day can be a little tough on them. By bringing your dog’s favorite toys, you’ll help ease the transition.

Reduce separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is completely normal for dogs. They love you and might not understand that you’re going to come back for them. But there are many solutions to helping your dog with separation anxiety such as a natural CBD oil, prescription medication from the vet, or even just asking your caretaker to keep your dog busy. Regardless of which method you choose, your caretaker at an indoor dog kennel will make sure your dog is getting the proper care and love it deserves. 

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