Walk In Services



If you want to pretty up your pup, or just aggravate hubby. We do that too.

Help your puppy feel more comfortable by cleaning out any dirt and wax.


We don’t talk about this. We just do it. ? (inquire with any questions.)


Your puppy can develop gum disease as early as 3 years old. Vets recommend brushing your puppy’s teeth 3 times a week.


Avoiding the pressure of basic nail trimming while leaving nails as short as possible.


No time for a full hair cut? Or maybe your pup just needs a tidy up in between. Our face, feet & fanny trims hit all the “sweet spots” we will get all those pesky hairs getting in your pup’s eyes.


Some puppies need a little extra TLC in the brushing area. This ones for you.


15 Minute of Brushing, Nail Grinding, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Brushing and a Scented Spritz. Quickly fashion up with a rover makeover. Can take less then 20 minutes.


Your pups paw pads can get rough, irritated, dry and cracked. With our paw balm treatment we can help sooth those tired paws. Works grate on dry cracked noses too!